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Avoid potential breaches & lawsuits with secure passwords

At Lehigh Valley Technology, we help businesses take the utmost security measures to avoid potential breaches. If companies do not take the proper steps to keep their data safe, it's easy for cyber criminals to get access to sensitive information, which can put everyone at risk. These breaches can lead to potential lawsuits for improper security measures. As technology advances, hackers are finding new ways to retrieve personal information, so it's crucial for security standards to be at their most active. If not, millions of people can be affected.

Recently, Equifax, one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, is viral on social media for an on-going lawsuit against them for using admin/admin for both the password and username. By doing this, they failed to protect a portal used to manage credit disputes. Along with using insecure usernames and passwords, Equifax admitted to using unencrypted servers to store the personal information and had it as a public-facing website.

This lawsuit doesn't come from wronged consumers, but rather the shareholders that allege the company didn’t sufficiently disclose risks or its security methods. The lawsuit was filed by people who bought shares of the consumer credit reporting agency between February 25, 2016, and September 15, 2017. Then in 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the private information of 147 million people. In September 2019, the company settled with the FTC for 425 million dollars.

There is potential for breaches everywhere, as the world wide web is a massive entity, but by using non-secure usernames and passwords, your chance of cyber attackers retrieving information increases. Regardless of what industry you're in, hackers can access financial information, names, addresses, and more, which can cause significant legal issues for your company and make your customers vulnerable.

Regarding Equifax, the court said they weren't doing enough to guard their network so shareholders could sue for undisclosed risks. At Lehigh Valley Technology, we use modern solutions to avoid these situations and to keep sensitive information protected. Your business may contain varieties of sensitive data, such as client information, operational information, and intellectual property. We offer the following affordable solutions to help keep that information safe:

  • Data Protection

  • Remote Support Services

  • Managed IT Support Solutions

  • Security Services

  • Cloud Services

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Security Audits & Remediation

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