• Scott Gingold

Is"Buy Local-Support Local" Relevant?

Seems like just yesterday when people talked about the importance of supporting local businesses. Nowadays it doesn't seem so much.

Recently we offered our services to several local large law firms. They graciously declined and their primary reason was that they were using firms in Philadelphia and because they are in Philly they must be better, right? While obviously we disagree wholeheartedly we did enjoy the facial reaction when we said "so by that logic if we need legal services we should pick a firm in Philadelphia or New York City, right?"

As the premier #IT, #MSP and #MSSP provider for the #LehighValley we can say without reservation that skills, talent, education and reputation are not defined by geography. Picking the right #technology provider has more to do with core beliefs, experience, culture available services, capabilities, and proven reputation that anything else.

So what's your take on "buy local, support local"? Please share your thoughts via twitter, Facebook or email us via our contact form to let us know what you think.

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