• Scott Gingold

Trust but verify

Is your #data really being backed up? 9 out of 10 times when we are speaking to a new prospective client, they almost always universally say that their provider is backing up their data offsite. When we ask them when is the last time that they verified and tested the #backup they get wide-eyed and semi-confidently say yes.

Sadly, in almost all of these cases we quickly discover that the backup data set has never been verified, tested or confirmed to protect against #ransomware, #malware and other threats.

Former President Reagan was famous for saying “Trust but Verify” and we could not agree more especially when it comes to protecting your business! Please ask for regular reports from your current provider and also ask them to show you how they are protecting the data as well as testing it.

We offer an array of onsite and offsite data backup options. Click here to contact us and we’ll show you how your data is secure, accessible and generates regular reports so you have one less thing to worry about.

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