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What is a ransom malware attack?

Every day new attacks compromise businesses across the country. When these incidents happen, it can cause long-lasting issues for a company and cause panic amongst everyone involved. From harmful trojans to erase data to cybercriminals who steal information, and ransom malware attacks, it's essential to ensure your information is protected.

As mentioned above, there is a prominent type of malicious attack called ransom malware, which is when hackers provoke damage to your site, then demand monetary means to restore it. A nonprofit in New Jersey was recently hit with this type of attack, leaving over 15 years of information unattainable. Ransomware attacks do not steal data; they make it inaccessible. They can get by security vulnerabilities and remotely insert software that encrypts data. Unfortunately, this type of attack is common and can wreak significant havoc on unsuspecting companies.

New attacks happen 24/7, but there are measures you can take to lower your chances of having a threat compromise your data. It's essential to make sure that data is safe but also audited and verified on an on-going basis. By making sure your passwords, networks, and information is protected, you can lower your chance of having an attacker gain access to critical information.

Most importantly, having an experienced IT company on your side can help deter potential threats. Through an IT company, you can ensure that your technologies have the proper security measures and remote support in case you are having unexpected issues.

At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, our experienced staff is there for our customers when disaster strikes. We understand how immensely stressful these events can be and how much they impact businesses' success. We offer a wide range of solutions that can help prevent potential measures and help restore in the event of a significant attack.

We provide BC and DR plans, tools, and systems for when tragic situations arise, and it will affect your business opening its doors.

Our mission is to use our knowledge to help prevent ransomware attacks and other cybercriminal activity and ensure we are always a step ahead.

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