Here are some reasons why you should do business with Lehigh Valley Technology Company

As customers say repeatedly, the primary reason they work with Lehigh Valley Technology Company is the attention to detail and personal service that they receive from us. At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we don’t sell “a thing”, we offer a result. In other words, we make sure that your business is operating more efficiently and safely while also being aware of your budget needs. No other IT Support or IT Services company in our area has won more awards than Lehigh Valley Technology Company!


We have been successfully serving businesses for over 10 years. Simply stated, the technology repair and maintenance services that we provide are the best of the best. The only thing that we do better is deliver amazing customer service!

Customized Services

As we get to know you and your business, as well as your employees and current technology, we can provide you the services and products you need. We don’t have cookie cutter solutions as these never truly meet your specific needs. We have solutions that fit your business needs specifically.

One Contact

You will no longer have to try to figure out who to call when you have a technology issue nor will you get bounced around from vendor to vendor. When you call our locally owned and operated office a real person answers the phone and addresses your needs.

Individualized Attention

We give your business the attention it needs and that you deserve. We will go the extra mile to answer, research and find a solution to any technology issue or question that you may have. We will utilize industry leading technology and solutions that will enhance your office environment and bring your business the productivity and efficiency you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Simple Billing

With our Managed Business Services, we offer billing systems to our clients that provide predictable and stable billing solutions. These billing options will take into consideration your needs and budget and provide you with just one monthly bill to include all your technology costs. Let Lehigh Valley Technology Company make your technology work for you, allowing your employees to be as productive as possible so they can expand your bottom line.


We look forward to being your Trusted IT Service Partner!


 Tech Headaches?

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