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Does your business handle PHI (personal information) and/or need to conform to compliance standards including:



  • PCI Compliance


If so, is your current IT (Information Technology) and MSP/MSSP (Managed Services Provider / Managed Services Security Provider) vendor fully protecting you, your business, your employees, your clients and patients in compliance with appropriate regulations? Are you sure, really sure?


If you are not 100% certain that you are protected then we should talk, and soon! Why the urgency? Simply stated, can you afford the financial losses caused by a compliance violation? What impact would violations have on your business reputation? How much would it cost to clean up the public relations nightmare caused by compliance violations, assuming that they don’t put you out of business!


Lehigh Valley Technology Company not only has the highly trained personnel to assist you with the needed technology to remedy any compliance issues, but we can also provide the necessary training for your staff.


When it comes to being compliant, the key to success is having the right partner. Lehigh Valley Technology Company is that partner! Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business to properly conform to all necessary compliance standards.


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