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At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we specialize in compliant technologies in Bethlehem, PA. If you are searching for a compliant company to assist you with all of your operations, you can rely on our longstanding experience. We uphold all HIPAA Compliance Requirements to provide unmatched security services and protect businesses' private information. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve in all aspects of technology so that our clients have the confidence to go about their day to day operations. Businesses' data is more at risk for data breaches than ever before, and it's essential to ensure that you take the precautionary steps. We have the HIPAA Seal of Compliance and take every measure necessary to keep information secure. We understand the importance of cybersecurity, and our experts can offer solutions to improve your efficiency and security. For more information on our compliance, contact Lehigh Valley Technology Company in the Lehigh Valley today. 

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"Quick, affordable and I don't remember my computers working this well when they were new . Great job, thank you!"

- Jim M.

"Excellent company that provides piece of mind with all of my company's technology needs and issues. Impeccable customer service! Highly recommend!"

- Scott B.

"Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Every question and problem is handled quickly. I HIGHLY recommend them!"

- Michelle Z.

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