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Lehigh Valley Technology Company provides a wide array of technology and IT support services that will help increase both profitability and efficiency for your business. In addition to offering you our standard service protection plan, Lehigh Valley Technology Company can customize a specific program to address any special concerns or needs that you may have. Lehigh Valley Technology Company also serves as your IT Support Department. So if you have any vendors that provide you with special software or hardware, we are able to work with them directly. This allows you to focus on your business, and not be the middleman between your technology providers.

Major Technology Services:

- Managed IT Support Solutions

- Data Protection

- Remote Support Services

- Security Services

- Cloud Services

- Mobile Device Management 

- Security Audits & Remediation

Why Data Protection is Important

Data has become increasingly important for businesses in all types of industries. A business losing its data via a security breach or by mistake, can be absolutely devastating for businesses, resulting in loss of revenues, upset clients and potential damage to an organization’s reputation.

Your business may be holding all different types of sensitive data such as client information, operational information and intellectual property. Information security should mean you are protecting ALL of your businesses sensitive data; it is important to note that cybersecurity is a branch off of this that protects computer-based data.


Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important to businesses as many organizations hold much of this data in a computer database of some sort; computer-based data is susceptible to cyber threats such as hackers, internal errors or mechanical failure. 

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