• Scott Gingold

Are you safe from Ransomware?

We write a lot about ransomware and for good reason. It continues to proliferate across networks in businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations among others.

This link will show you, yet another example of an organization forced to pay over $700,000 (yes, we said SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!) to Microsoft to restore their data, and this is just one example!

  • The city of Atlanta has paid $9.5 million dollars so far from a ransomware attack and the number is expected to rise to $17 million dollars!

  • The Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo paid $10 million dollars for a new IT infrastructure due to a ransomware attack.

Does your organization have a budget to cover this type of expense? Even if you have insurance to cover most if not all of it, how long can your business operate without its computer systems?

Lehigh Valley Technology Company offers many different options to greatly reduce the threat of ransomware attacks as well as systems to quickly recover from one should an attack overtake your cyber defense systems. Would you rather justify to management the benefits of taking proactive steps now to prevent a costly attack, or explain to your boss, customers, stakeholders and constituents why your computers, servers and access to your network be down for many weeks?

The time to act is NOW, please contact us today!

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