• Scott Gingold

Business or Technology Solution?

In the “old days”, whenever there was a business problem, companies looked to computers to solve it. While the world moves forward with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the opportunities for lessening risk and improving productivity have never been greater. Seems all good, right? Well, not so fast.

Technology is not solely a business solution, it is a tool in the tool bag. The key to success is making certain that technology is indeed helping to move the business forward. This includes analyzing why current technologies and systems still in use, what challenge the new proposed technology will solve or resolve, and the overall impact (i.e. learning/training, cost, maintenance, etc.) to the business.

Our company has seen a dramatic increase in these types of discussions with both current, and prospective clients. We welcome this opportunity and hope you will take a holistic approach before purchasing or deploying any new technology.

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