• Scott Gingold

Simple but Complicated Solutions

One of the most common service requests we receive from users is that their workstation is slow. This applies to desktop and laptop computers. More times than not the cause of the slowness is an easy diagnosis. Common issues usually include-

  • Not enough RAM

  • Underpowered processor

  • An operating system no longer supported

  • More than several browser tabs opened simultaneously

  • Too many items in the startup folder

  • Unnecessary programs running in the system tray

Based on this list the fix seems simple, right? Not so fast! As an example, many businesses think that 4GB of RAM on an I3 processor is sufficient to run intense graphics packages, complex spreadsheets and heavy duty accounting programs. Sadly they are not but the people making the decisions often rely on posted minimum operating requirements and not real world operating conventions.

We will be hosting a webinar on this topic in the near future. If you would like an invite, please drop us a line.

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