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Are you ready for a crisis?

Powered by our partnership with OnPage, Lehigh Valley Technology Company offers robust solutions that allow you to keep your employees, vendors and clients informed of any critical situations while maintaining rock-solid communications. Lehigh Valley Technology Company understands that communication resiliency is of the utmost importance and provides engineered solutions that mitigate fractured communications between teams and missing critical alerts whether they are in the #lehighvalley or anywhere else in the USA or beyond.

Blast IT is a user-friendly crisis communication tool that is designed for quick transmission of critical information to groups of people. Blast IT allows you to send notifications through email, phone and SMS. You can acknowledge the notifications within the SMS. When you receive the notification via phone the message is read out to you.

This service is available to #businesses, #nonprofit agencies, #government entities and any other organization who need to share critical information at the onset or during an emergency situation.

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