• Scott Gingold

Avoid the flu, not technology!

All too many companies go out of their way to avoid investing in #technology much less allocating the necessary budget money to maintain it. Why is this? Let's be candid, technology isn't sexy in the same way say marketing or even accounting can be. You just said, whaaaaaaat?!?!

When a #business spends money on marketing there are usually some sort of mechanisms in place to measure the results. Whether it is an increase in sales or name recognition there are quantifiable results to show progress, quickly.

With accounting, when your #CFO finds ways to negotiate things like better rates or sale terms, here too this is quickly measurable.

When your in-house or outsourced IT Partner recommends technology expenditures on things like #firewall upgrades, dark web monitoring, ID/Reputation Management, #HIPAA #compliance, #cloudcomputing, lifecycle #workstation replacement scheduling or #helpdesk options to name a few, #management and #ownership generally try to avoid the conversation in the same way many people avoid getting a #flu shot!

Here is the real and sad truth about avoiding spending money on technology. Eventually a price will be paid and this usually means downtime. What does downtime cost your company? We know of one company (not our customer, yet) in which the cost was close to $64,000 an hour! In other cases it can be much less from a labor perspective, what what about the PR nightmare and fallout from disappointed #customers? When faith and reputation are lost how much money will it take to recover from that hit?

As Fram Filter once famously said, pay me now or pay me later. The same holds true if not more so in #tech. To learn more how technology can be viewed differently in your business, contact us to learn more.

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