• Scott Gingold

Is your business going to drown?

Today reminded us why customers who work with Managed Services Providers (MSPs) that do not have their own company employed full-time IT technicians is like attempting to swim without ever taking a lesson.

A Windows 7 patch was released last night. It caused many of our customers serious issues, including disabling many computers. This was not a problem that could be resolved remotely. We triaged each case and then quickly dispatched technicians site to site to get the customers back in business.

If you are not working with us, and your current MSP is not in the immediate area, and/or does not have local company employed highly trained and security cleared technicians, how would they assist you? The truth is that they would most likely rely on a freelancer or put the assignment on an internet bid site for the lowest bidder to accept. Is this how you want your technology managed?

Choosing a provider based on price may look attractive on the front end, but when the feces hits the fan, what is the real and total cost of your business being down?

Working with local full-service professional is not only smart, but it is the insurance that your business needs to stay in business and not drown!

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