• Scott Gingold

How do you measure customer service?

I cannot think of an industry where the vendor does not claim to be the best provider of customer service. We certainly do, but how do you quantify this? Sure you can produce reports that demonstrate timeliness to requests for help, provide customer testimonials and maybe even offer a money back guarantee, but is that it?

As I strive to answer this question both earnestly and accountability I always back up our representation with the following list.

  • Regularly investing in technology that allows technical emergencies to be dispatched quicker and more effectively. As an example, we recently replaced our old after-hours notification system, which was only 18 months old, with a new product and service that we beta tested before deploying and actually saw measurable improvement in dispatch speed and response times.

  • The above change also was a big hit with our technical team as it cut down on some previous cumbersome steps that they had to take.

  • We hold QBR (quarterly business review) meetings with our customers and long before we dive into reports, we ask them how they perceive our service and commitment to them.

  • Though we have a terrific frontline team consisting of highly skilled and devoted onsite techs, help desk personnel and network operations center operators as well as our senior managers, every customer has my (the owner) personal cell number and is advised that if at any time they feel their business is not being valued, call, 24x7!

My final thought about who is best at customer service is pretty simple. Delivering and receiving great customer service is more manageable than many people realize. Your gut will tell you whether the provider is the real deal or not.

Feel free to contact us to learn more how and why customer service are not just two words put together as part of a pitch!

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