• Scott Gingold

What would a data breach cost you?

Lets be honest no one enjoys talking about #compliance, well, except perhaps for risk analysis professionals. We don't want to think about it much less have to pay for the #cybersecurity systems to be compliant and protected but the reality is no matter what industry we are in we all have some form of compliance to adhere to.

We don't know what precautions Equitas Health took to protect their employees and patients but based on this report we can safely assume that it was insufficient.

Equitas Health will have large costs to bear for this #databreach that extend beyond just offer free credit monitoring to those impacted but also systems remediation, potential fines and penalties plus reputation loss.

As it relates to reputation loss what would happen to your business if you suffered a #HIPAA, #PCI or any other type of data breach?

  • Could you endure the financial losses?

  • What about any fines or penalties levied?

  • Is your Cyber Liability Insurance sufficient to cover all of the financial losses?

  • Would employees be likely to seek employment elsewhere?

  • How would you recover your reputation?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself and your management team and as importantly right now is the time to be proactive and have a serious conversation with us on how to best protect your business, employees and your customers.

Drop us a line today to make certain that you never have to walk the same path as Equitas Health!

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