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What is the vision for your technology?

As the President of Lehigh Valley Technology Company, a big part of my job is to be the visionary for our business. While in no way do I claim to be a futurist, and quite frankly I think that term is over-hyped and often misused and abused, nonetheless, I must always be aware of changing trends in Information Technology (IT) and how they may impact our current and future customers.

It is easy to throw around terms like cloud computing, data security, compliance, and countless others, but what does it really mean? For all too many Managed Service Providers (#MSP) and #IT vendors, they are nothing more than door openers, or in some cases, a way to scare businesses into hastily made and poorly planned decisions.

When we talk about “business technology solutions” for us, it must bring together the technology needs of the business as well as how any changes to the technology will allow the customer to be more productive and secure while simultaneously not placing too great of a financial burden on the company, whether it is from a financial expenditure perspective or a training curve for their employees.

I am often asked “what do you sell” and for me, the answer is always simple. We do not sell anything! We do provide a solution and an outcome. The solution is to remedy and deficits in your current technology and the outcome is to make your #business even more productive and efficient. When we do this, your business will achieve better financial earnings, enjoy greater employee satisfaction, and you can focus on working on your business versus working in your business.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Please drop me a line and as always, if you would like to learn why so many businesses, non-profit agencies and government entities choose us as their #technology partner, please contact us!

Scott Gingold

President and CVO

Lehigh Valley Technology Company

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