• Scott Gingold

What happened to the power?

Yesterday we posted a blog entry that focused on business interruptions due to unforeseen extreme weather. Today we want to briefly want to touch on power issues that could cause your #lehighvalley #business to close.

In Bucks County Pennsylvania a severe power surge from PECO fried light sockets, appliances, computers and other electronics for the second time in a year.

  • What would happen to your #business if this happened to you?

  • How long could you stay in business without power to your #computers, #servers, #network and other #technology?

  • Are you properly prepared to operate your business from an alternate location if need be?

If you don't have the answers to these questions or are unsure, no worry, Lehigh Valley Technology is here for you! Please contact us today for a free initial consultation to make sure that you have the correct contingency and disaster recovery plans in place.

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