• Scott Gingold

What is peace of mind worth to you?

Yesterday we had a new phone system installed in our office. The company we selected is local and while we did not get all of the bells and whistles that many of their competitors offered, we remembered the importance of what we preach to our prospective customers, buy local-support local.

The upshot of this decision was twofold.

  • They were onsite and did all the programming and setup with their own company personnel. They did not hire freelancers found on the internet to do the work. Among other things, this meant that they could not only do the needed technical work, but also train our staff.

  • Since they handled the technical work, our staff could continue doing their usual work and serving our customers needs. Most VoIP companies are not local and they talk you through the setup. This is not a wise use of time or resources!

  • We had a slight issue today. The new provider dispatched a technician who was here in less than 60 minutes!

We probably could have saved money selecting a different provider, but based on the factors listed above, would we really have saved money? After all, time is money!

So how about you. Are you working with the cheapest non-local IT provider? If so, are you really saving money? Are your Management Information Systems truly in the best hands today? Do you have peace of mind as it relates to your technology?

If your answers to any of these questions concern you, or leaving you with even more questions, please contact us and we'll give you the peace of mind that you deserve!

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