• Scott Gingold

What technology do you need tomorrow?

So the time has come to replace some #workstations or perhaps a #server in your Lehigh Valley based #business and of course your current #IT and/or #MSP partner is all too happy to provide you with a quote for this project. Makes sense, right? Maybe not.

When we get inquiries like this we ask business driven questions long before we ever tackle potential technology solutions. We ask things like-

  • What is the 1-3-5 year plan for your business. Are you expanding, acquiring another company, moving your office, etc.

  • What is working with your current technology and what is not.

  • Will the majority of your employees continue to work from the office every day during the work week or perhaps work from home on one or more days per week.

  • Have you considered things like Daas (Desktop as a Service), HaaS (Hardware as a Service), Cloud Computing and other available options?

Armed with this information and more, we can make the very best recommendations before potentially spending money on #technology that best serves your business. After all, isn’t that what you really need and want?

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