• Scott Gingold

Why is finding ethics in IT so tough?

We make it a practice not to criticize our competitors. Sometimes that is tougher than it may sound!

As an example, all too often when we are competing to win business many of our competitors will offer proposals for under-powered equipment, technology that has publicly published end of life dates that are within 24 months, and a labor or project fee that they know won’t really cover the task but they are counting on once the project is underway, they will find some sort of rational to justify this to the customers. When this happens, the customer is stuck and ends up spending even more money than they budgeted for or planned on.

While we suspect this practice happens in every industry to some degree, it should not in ours. If the project is properly spec’d out and engineered correctly, there should be no surprises, only on-time and on-budget conclusions. This why in addition to great technicians, we also have very competent and experienced project managers and sales engineers on our team.

So, as the headline of this post states, why is it so tough to find IT and MSP companies with #integrity and #ethics?

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