• Scott Gingold

Would a holistic technology approach benefit your company?

Nowadays when IT people post information about technology or speak at public events, it is almost always focused on security and/or cloud solutions. While this makes sense given the times that we are living in, and we too focus heavily on both areas, we are also spending as much time discussing business and technology solutions as being one in the same thing.

What do we mean by this? Think of it this way. If you got a flat tire on your vehicle, you would obviously fix or replace the tire, but, did you also learn what caused the flat? Sure, it could have been triggered by a nail, screw or something similar, but what if it was due to under-inflation or tires that were worn out and should have been replaced before the flat? The answer to this may prevent a future flat tire.

The same holds true for information technology services. In other words, while many managed services providers and information technology companies focus on tools and/or products, it is as important to look at the business processes and how any changes to your technology will help to improve your operating efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and last but certainly not least, profitability!

When we look at a business and their information technology solutions, we take a holistic approach to IT management that focuses on treating computer systems as a single entity.

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