The Business Technology Solutions that we provide are the best of the best. The only thing that we do better is deliver amazing customer service!

Everyone is busy today, especially in business. You don’t always have time to pack up a failing workstation and run it across town to some unknown computer repair shop.


If the workstation is still able to connect to the internet, you can take advantage of our Remote IT Support Services, allowing our Help Desk experts to remotely access your device to diagnose your technology issue.


Lehigh Valley Technology Company offers remote support services to business service agreement clients who need a quick diagnosis of a problem, an assessment of an error message, or just have some questions.


Maximize your time by utilizing the Lehigh Valley Technology Company's remote support technicians.


Some of the benefits of having access to remote IT support technicians include:


  • Speedy Resolutions: Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and begin resolving technology issues so that you can get back to using your equipment.


  • Secure Connection: All connections are password protected, secure, and authorized by you!  There is no need to worry about your personal information or lingering connections. You are in complete control.


  • Saves You Time & Money: You don’t have to lug a failing computer, and drive it to an office or schedule an on-site appointment.

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